Our company operates in the field of general law with special knowledge in criminal and civil litigation, bankruptcy, insolvency law and family law. We also handle international matters and, depending on the needs of the client, we will also cooperate with specialists in immaterial-, tax- and industrial law.

Our clients are companies as well as private persons and public associations. Our most important goal is to satisfy our clients' needs through offering high quality and effectiveness regardless of whether the client is a public company, family business, private person or an authority.

Our attorneys Christian Näsman, Björn Båsk and Kirsi Hägglund are members of the Finnish Bar Association. An attorney and the staff, is obligated to follow the law and the professional ethics of the bar.

Do You have a problem or question that needs to be solved?
By contacting a lawyer in the early stages of a dispute costs can be reduced. Our firm does not charge for a first client counseling by telephone so feel free to contact our firm.

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